La Bomba Restaurant was established in early 2000's as a small local family owned restaurant in the Humboldt Park area. After ten (10) years of local delicious puerto rican cuisine, La Bomba brached out and purchased it's first eight-teen foot food trailer in 2006 which serves over 200 people daily.

La Bomba Place is located in the Humboldt Park near Kedzie and Hirsh. La Bomba Place serves a variety foods just like the restaurant such as Lechon, Morcilla, Jibarito's, Alcaprria's, Pastello's and Bomba's signature Arroz con Gandules just to name a few...but at a more accessible and convienant location all year round.

In 2015 La Bomba took an even larger step and purchased its state of the art twenty-eight foot trailer complete with a grilling platform to grill fresh pinchos at many of Chicago's local events such as Fiesta Del Sol, Cuban Fest, Bandera Bandera, Puerto Rican Fest in Aurora and many other events. For more listing on when or where Bomba will be checkout our events page for more times and dates.

And thankyou for visiting La Bomba Restaurant!

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